Registration for YIPT's 2020 Mentorship Program is now closed.


Thank you to all the applicants 

Welcome to the YIPT mentoring program!

This program aims is to motivate professionals to create meaningful relationships that allow them to progress and accelerate development


Mentees should be newer to the insurance industry but still be at least one (1) year into their careers in order to have an idea of career progression and to build a meaningful relationship with their mentors.


Mentors should be seasoned insurance professionals with more than five (5) years of insurance related experience under their belts. Experience is crucial as they will be the guides for their mentees as they discover their careers in the insurance industry.


YIPT's Member Engagement Team will be facilitating the pairings and periodically checking in for feedback throughout the duration of the program. The facilitators will be your guides to help with goal setting and conversation topics.


The program requires an 8 month commitment with monthly meetings of minimum one (1) hour. The meetings should be arranged by both individuals as the program is expected to be a two-way relationship, with YIPT's Member Engagement team stepping in when needed to address questions or issues. After the 8 month timeline, it will be up to the individuals to continue the relationship.


We are now accepting applications until the end of February as the program will kick off in March of 2020*.

Note: This program is only to be used as a tool for career development and NOT as a job seeking/recruiting tool. Professional conduct is to remain in place at all times.


*In the event of an imbalance between mentee/mentor applications, the YIPT Member Engagement Team will endeavor to pair individuals based on best fit, as well as a first come first serve basis.