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Registration for YIPT's 2024 Mentorship Program is now CLOSED.

We are excited to re-launch the YIPT Mentoring Program!


Our program aims to motivate professionals to create meaningful relationships that allow them to progress and accelerate development.


How it works

  • The program involves an (8) month commitment with a requirement of at least one (1) hour per month.


  • Mentee/Mentor pairings will be facilitated by YIPT's Member Engagement Team in March, with a follow-up launch event.  We are currently accepting applications for both mentors and mentees - please see application forms below!


  • Mentees - should be newer to the insurance industry but still be at least one (1) year into their careers in order to have an idea of career progression and to build a meaningful relationship with their mentors.


  • Mentors - should be seasoned insurance professionals with more than five (5) years of insurance related experience under their belts. Experience is crucial as they will be the guides for their mentees as they discover their careers in the insurance industry.

Please Note: This program is only to be used as a tool for career development and NOT as a job seeking/recruiting tool. 


*In the event of an imbalance between mentee/mentor applications, the YIPT Member Engagement Team will endeavor to pair individuals based on best fit, as well as a first come first serve basis.


My experience with the YIPT mentoring program was extremely valuable. I feel lucky to have been paired with someone who demonstrates leadership through action, support and insight. Not only was I able to benefit from his perspective and attain the goals we had set together, but I feel we also developed an informal friendship, which I can carry with me beyond the time allocated through the program”  - Mentee


 "The YIPT Mentoring Program is something I really enjoyed.  I have recommended it to other professionals already.  It has helped me focus and set career and personal goals for myself as well as my Mentee.  Together we have built a strong relationship and were able to gain so much insight into the different areas of our industry; it was a learning experience for both of us which we enjoyed immensely.  Thank you for giving me this opportunity".  - Mentor 


 "I’ve been very fortunate to have strong mentors during my career that helped my personal and professional development, and guide me in the right direction. YIPT has provided me with the rewarding opportunity to give back to the insurance community by providing the same advice and guidance I received while I was establishing myself in the industry" - Mentor


Please send application forms to

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