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Global YIPs

Worldwide Connections

YIPT is proud to partner with like-minded organizations across the world. In our efforts to foster a global community of young insurance professionals, our goal is to connect YIPs while travelling or working abroad. Should you wish to connect with some of our counterparts in other countries, we encourage you to visit their websites and get in touch with us if you would like YIPT to facilitate a connection. Below are some of our associated organizations, with similar goals to ours.

Global YIPs

NGIN exists to bring together young professionals from across the entire insurance Industry with the aim of helping empower young professionals from all backgrounds and insurance disciplines to take a leading role in their professional development. We aim to be the platform through which individuals can enhance their industry knowledge, forge new business relationships and develop skills essential to their working environment in the formative stages of their career journey. We do this by promoting mentoring opportunities, hosting social and educational events and other networking opportunities.

NGIN represents all those who consider themselves to be a young insurance professional. There is no age limit to join and there is no specific insurance discipline required, all that is required is that you have a drive to enhance your career as an insurance professional.


Young Insurance Professionals (YIPs) Australia & New Zealand Inc. is a non-profit organisation dedicated to attracting and retaining young and talented professionals in the insurance industry, providing a platform for them to develop their business relationships through regular educational and networking events. YIPs’ mission is to demonstrate that insurance can be a rewarding and stimulating lifetime career, rather than one that people simply ‘fall into’. With the help of our generous sponsors and supporters, we aim to benefit our industry by promoting attraction and retention of new talent, and ensuring that they share our passion for the continued growth and prosperity of the Australasian market.

As of January 2017, YIPs operates across 10 branches in all States and Territories of Australia, as well as Auckland and Christchurch in New Zealand. The organization currently has over 8,000 diverse and talented members, from a broad cross-section of insurance industry roles.

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